As low as 10% deposit

Home Ownership within Reach

Still Renting? Why not Rent-to-Own

Have a good job and still renting? is your bank not approving with a reasonable loan? Want to own your dream home in your perfect location within reach of your job and community? You have a good job but struggle with a large down payment required by the banks? Renting-to-own may be the solution for you. Find out more about the rent-to-own structure

Rent to Own

Need a smaller down payment, foreign owner, banks are not approving your loan… no problem. Check out the rent-to-own solution. Home ownership with as little as 10% down and payments to fit within almost any budget Rent-to-Own - apply your rent toward your purchase of the home.


If you are pre-approved by your bank and want to approved for a reservation in a project, just click on the property that is right for you and fill out your interest. We will send you the details on the project.

Register to be approved for home ownership. Limited approved projects all over the country but availability is limited

Step 1

Find the right community for your life. Select the location of the property that fits your life style including payments within your budget

Step 2

Temporarily request to reserve your place by simply giving your contact information since availability is limited…. No money or annoying sales calls. We will send you details on the community you select to review at your leisure.

Step 3

After reviewing the details and payment terms, you can reserve your apartment or home of your dreams

Rent-to-Own or "R2O" - own your home by applying your rent to the home purchase

Why throw away rent and have nothing to show for your money. Now there is a way to own without a large down payment and without a difficult loan approval process. Homes are rented around the local rental market prices and after an estimated 20 years of successful payments... you own the home. The homes are built with superior quality and as responsive, smart homes with the most advanced infrastructure

highest quality of living

The highest quality of living is our goal and that requires attractive communities. Homes are part of a community and the targets for our projects start with identifying the communities in demand for buyers. The land and development is made with a view of living in a community with attractive schools, amenities and within cities with major job markets.

Responsive, Smart Homes

Lower payments for electricity and costs of maintenance means you can afford more of a home. The savings from efficient planning, maintenance and infrastructure are directed toward a lower payment to provide the buyer with the ability to buy the home that is the best environment and community for their life style.

Select Your Community

Feel free to look through plans, existing projects and projected projects in the area of your interest so you can offer your possible initial interest in that specific project. We will send you more details to your email regarding projected or actual rent or rent-to-own prices, finished target dates and the requirements to start toward owning your own home.

Properties to Buy or Rent-to-Own

All Prices and Rent-to-own Payments are Estimated Payments

  • 2 - 5 Bed rm.
  • 2-4 Bath rm.
  • 100 - 195 sqm

Florida Luxury Multi-family

  • 7 Bed rm.
  • 5 Bath rm.
  • 3,725 sqft

Luxury Multi-family Community

Discover our Smart Home Solution

Turn your home into a smart home and drive away with a smart car, all part of a single low monthly payment

Add an Electric Vehicle and Responsive Charging System to your Smart Home

Limited Availiblity!! Reserver you place today.