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    Technologies for smart cities - Transforming the way we develop

Amiron Group

Amiron North America is a leader in smart infrastructure for economic development and your smart infrastructure partner. Our management has gained experience in the global market solving complex infrastructure development issues and providing infrastructure efficiency savings for government and private sector clients. Bringing solutions for infrastructure projects including financing, construction, management, technology and equipment that makes projects more profitable, stable and efficient. The management of Amiron North America has a proven track record of delivering projects on time and above expectations. Let us show you how to make the most of your infrastructure development projects, you maybe surprised that quality, efficiency and smart technology is within your budget. We believe every project can be improved and provide more benefit, let us be your smart infrastructure partner

Creative Design

Creative designs for the most modern cities and community developments.

Smart Technologies

We are developing the next generation of smart communities that responds to its users. Everything from streetlights that turn on when a car approach to houses that manage its energy consumption based on how you use it.

Smart Infrastructure Funding

Our funding structure utilize goverment incentives to develop green communities that attrack jobs to cities. You may be surprised that quality, efficiency and smart technology is within your budget.

Amiron Group Devisions

Amiron North America

Projects in:
Montgomery New York
Lynn Haven Florida
New Orleans LA

Amiron Israel

Projects in:
Ramat Gan

RAM Responsive Technologies

Developing Technologies in:
Responsive street lights systems for monitoring traffic and optimizing energy consuption

Green technology grants for energy optimizations for the community buildings.

Development of next generation artificial intelegence in communities, responsive and reactive living.

Smart Infrastructure

Technology for smart cities is more available than most think. Smart projects use information to transform deficiencies and performance of infrastructure. Amiron North America partners with the leaders in proven technologies and financial companies to deliver there services for both government and private projects. Our technology division under 'RAM Responsive Technologies' optimize the living conditions with the latest technology and strive to improve the wellbeing through technology and green living. Often projects are not planned to provide maximum efficiency and large savings are lost. Smart water, power, transportation and community development projects can be supported and developed much more affordably and provide financial benefits. This is why Amiron North America provides complete smart infrastructure funding and support for the various important aspects of smart planning, engineering, financing, development, management and construction. From start to finish, Amiron provides the comfort to our client that projects will be delivered above expectations. For more information on smart technologies and the smart cities of the future, contact us.

Our Vision And Mission

Building to last GENERATIONS

Innovation Leader

Leadership in Innovation on all aspects of our projects:
planning, engineering, financing, development, management and construction.

Best Solutions & Approaches

Every community is different, therefore we approach every project as if it is our first and most important contruction ever.

Quality Service & Support

We transfer the risk away from you and ensure that your project exceeds your expections.

Guaranteed efficiency, long-term management and new revenue streams.

- Amiron Group-


Amiron North America has an experienced management team and partners with experience globally. The team has unique experience in delivering professional planning, funding, management, technology, equipment and construction for projects which sets Amiron North America apart as a uniquely qualified team. The team has the ability to provide solutions from license agreements and its global partners which allow for access to proven, unique, smart technology and support for the most complex of infrastructure projects.

Smart Technology can be difficult and risky to access and sometimes bring challenges. Amiron North America provides the support from experts that deliver the piece of mind through guaranteed efficiency contracts and long-term management contracts for our clients. Often, the management can open new revenue sources and drastically reduce risks and costs for smart projects.

Let Amiron North America be your smart infrastructure partner.

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  • USA Office:
    Energy Centre 1100 Poydras Street, Suite 2900, New Orleans, LA 70113
  • +1 (877) 689 8868
  • Israel Office:
    Greenberg Amiron Ltd., Metzada st. 9, Bnei-Brak 5126112, B.S.R 4 Tower, Floor 32, Israel
  • +972-3-5175533